Saima Arabian Villas Karachi

Saima Arabian Villas Karachi – NOC – Payment Schedule – Location & Map And Facilities And Amenities:


Saima Arabian Villas, a stunning and budget-friendly housing society, graces the heart of Karachi in Sector 5-A of Gadap Town, North Karachi. Developed by the esteemed Saima Group and SBCA-approved, this residential gem seamlessly blends luxury and affordability. A beacon of hope for those aspiring to own property in Karachi, Saima Arabian Villas offers a modern living experience with a range of opulent villas tailored to cater to diverse needs. Its prime location ensures easy access to mosques, schools, and parks, fostering a well-rounded lifestyle for residents.

The community offers a variety of living spaces, from 120 sq yd to 240 sq yd, all surrounded by well-maintained roads, lush green parks, and enticing facilities. Following the overwhelming success of Saima Villas, the developers have introduced the incredible Saima Arabian Ranches, a new block within the society, continually capturing the interest of investors and prospective homeowners. These villas are a testament to the feasibility of affordable housing in Karachi.

Additionally, its proximity to sought-after residential areas like New Karachi, Surjani Town, and Gulshan-e-Maymar further enhances its appeal. With its idyllic location, reputable developers, and diverse property options, Saima Villas remains a highly coveted residential project in Karachi, offering a truly exceptional living experience.

NOC Of Saima Arabian Villas:

The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has officially granted the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Saima Arabian Villas, as indicated in their public notice through letter No. SBCA/DD-(D-II)/996/ADV-579/2012, dated September 17, 2013.

This impressive project, initiated by experienced developers in August 2010, received the NOC after three years, enabling its full-scale development. With a track record of crafting residential and commercial properties, Saima Arabian Villas embodies quality and credibility in the realm of real estate.

Owners And Developers Of Saima Arabian Villas:

Saima Group, a renowned name in the real estate industry, has been a trusted developer since its inception in 1985. With a strong commitment to delivering high-quality real estate projects, they have consistently set the benchmark for the industry.

Among their major projects, you’ll find a diverse range of offerings, including Saima Apartments, Saima Arabian, Saima Arabian Apartments, Saima Comforts, Saima Luxuria, and Saima Twin Tower. These developments showcase their dedication to providing top-tier services in the real estate sector, making Saima Group a go-to choice for discerning clients across the nation.

Location & Map Of Saima Arabian Villas:

Saima Arabian Villas is strategically located in Sector 5-A of Gadap Town, North Karachi, offering residents easy accessibility and convenience.

Nestled within a gated community, this project ensures a secure, private, and tranquil living environment. It boasts excellent connectivity, with just an 11-minute drive from Lyari Basti Road, a 15-minute drive from M-10 Karachi Northern Bypass, and a 25-minute drive from the Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway.

In addition, it’s a mere 7-minute drive from Al-Amna Ave in Gadap Town and a 9-minute drive from the Orangi-New Karachi Link Road. This prime location ensures that Saima Arabian Villas is well-connected to the city and its neighboring areas, making it an ideal choice for your future home.

Project Plan Of Saima Arabian Villas:

Saima Arabian Villas, a secure and tranquil gated community, offers a diverse range of housing options in Karachi. The society’s master plan encompasses eight themed blocks, each designed to promote sustainable living.

These blocks, named A through H, provide a variety of choices to suit different preferences. Saima Arabian Villas offers housing categories like Type

  • A,
  • A-1
  • B
  • R
  • R-1
  • R-P

You can select from plot sizes of 

  • 120
  • 160
  •  240

square yards, all featuring single-floor designs. This thoughtfully designed residential project ensures privacy and peace of mind while promoting sustainable living, making it an ideal choice for those seeking quality homes in Karachi.

Payment Schedule Of Saima Arabian Villas:

Saima Arabian Villas, nestled in the heart of Karachi’s Sector 5-A, Gadap Town, North Karachi, is not just a housing society; it’s a golden opportunity for both investors and prospective homeowners.

Developed by the esteemed Saima Group and approved by the SBCA, this project combines luxury and affordability seamlessly. Offering a range of opulent villas in sizes of 120 sq yd, 160 sq yd, and 240 sq yd, Saima Arabian Villas caters to diverse needs. Its prime location provides convenient access to amenities like mosques, schools, and parks, ensuring a comfortable lifestyle.

The success of Saima Villas led to the launch of Saima Arabian Ranches, which continues to captivate with its exceptional offerings. Its proximity to popular residential areas such as New Karachi, Surjani Town, and Gulshan-e-Maymar enhances its allure. In terms of investment, the payment plans are affordable, making it a promising choice with the potential for remarkable returns as property prices continue to rise. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for affordable living and long-term investment in the heart of Karachi.

Key Features of Saima Arabian Villas Karachi

Secure and Gated Living:

Experience peace of mind with 24/7 security, CCTV cameras, and vigilant security guards, all within a gated community with a protective boundary wall.

Modern Amenities:

Enjoy a cinema with a silver screen, a clean environment, well-maintained broad roads, and an efficient drainage system for a comfortable lifestyle.


Benefit from gas, electricity, and filtered water services, all conveniently available within the community.

Community Highlights:

Embrace the spiritual with the Jamia Mosque, while open streets, parks, and a playground cater to recreational needs.


A well-planned sewage system, shopping malls, and recreational activities make this an ideal living destination.

Well-Lit Streets:

Feel safe with street lights illuminating your way, and access fuel stations for your convenience.

Essential Services:

Saima Arabian Villas offers access to a graveyard, international schools, hospitals, restaurants, and gyms, ensuring a well-rounded lifestyle for its residents.

Jamia Mosque:

Saima Arabian Villas features a stunning Jamia Mosque, providing residents with a peaceful place for prayer and community gatherings.

Open Streets:

The housing society boasts open and well-maintained streets, ensuring smooth traffic flow and a pleasant environment for residents.

Parks and Playground:

Lush green parks and recreational areas are spread throughout the community, offering ideal spots for relaxation and play.

Efficient Sewage System:

A reliable sewage system is in place, ensuring a clean and hygienic living environment for all residents.

Shopping Malls:

Residents can conveniently shop for their daily needs or indulge in retail therapy at nearby shopping malls.

Recreational Activities:

Saima Arabian Villas offers a range of recreational activities, making it an engaging and vibrant community for families.

Street Lights:

Well-lit streets enhance safety and security within society, even during the night.

Fuel Stations:

Access to fuel stations is easy, allowing residents to fuel up their vehicles without hassle.


The housing society includes a graveyard, providing a final resting place for loved ones.

International Schools:

Top-notch international schools are within reach, ensuring quality education for the younger generation.


Nearby hospitals provide immediate medical assistance to residents in case of emergencies.

Dining Options:

A variety of restaurants and eateries cater to diverse culinary preferences, making dining out a delightful experience.


Fitness enthusiasts can stay in shape by availing the gym facilities within the community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What sets Saima Arabian Villas apart from other housing societies, and how does it distinguish itself in the real estate market?

Answer: Saima Arabian Villas is a cutting-edge residential project that stands out with its innovative use of high-tech technology and modern amenities.

Question 2: Is Saima Arabian Villas a legally approved housing society?

Answer: Yes, Saima Arabian Villas has obtained the necessary approval from the SBCA (Sindh Building Control Authority), making it a legitimate and authorized housing society in Karachi.

Question 3: Can you describe the affordability of this housing society?

Answer: Absolutely, the affordability of Saima Arabian Villas is undeniable, thanks to its accommodating and flexible installment plans.

Question 4: Where can Saima Arabian Villas be found?

Answer: Saima Arabian Villas is nestled in the heart of Karachi in Sector 5-A of Gadap Town, North Karachi.

Question 5: Who is responsible for the development of Saima Arabian Villas in Karachi?

Answer: The esteemed Saima Group is the developer and owner of Saima Arabian Villas, making it a symbol of luxury and affordability in the heart of Karachi.

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