Roomi City Karachi

Roomi City Karachi – Location & Map – Payment Plane And Features And Amenities:


Roomi City stands as the latest jewel in the housing scheme crown, strategically positioned along the M-9 highway and masterfully crafted by Roomi Group & Builders. This visionary project unfolds a myriad of amenities, including top-notch educational institutions, state-of-the-art hospitals, secure boundary wall societies, architecturally exquisite mosques, flood-resistant urban structures, and expansive well-planned roads.

The development of this gated community is meticulously aligned with a profound understanding of the profound impact a lush and tranquil environment can have on human well-being. Hence, the integration of abundant green spaces takes center stage as one of the pivotal elements shaping the ethos of this forward-thinking society.

Location & Map:

Nestled along the bustling Super Highway (M-9), Roomi City stands as a vibrant urban enclave just a short 15-minute drive from the heart of DHA City Karachi. Its strategic location on the main artery ensures seamless connectivity, placing residents within easy reach of both the energy of Roomi City and the sophistication of DHA City Karachi.

This prime positioning not only enhances accessibility but also promises a dynamic lifestyle that seamlessly blends the best of urban living with the tranquil surroundings of Karachi’s thriving metropolitan landscape.

Builders And Developers:

Roomi City Karachi was developed by Roomi Builders.

Master Schedule:

Introducing a meticulously crafted urban haven in Islamabad, epitomizing our sincere commitment to bestow a regal quality of life upon its residents. The foundational idea driving this visionary concept was to cultivate a community wherein the well-being and happiness of our inhabitants stand as the paramount benchmarks of developmental success.

Discover the exceptional properties offered by Roomi Group & Builders, featuring spacious options tailored to suit your lifestyle:

120 sq yards

180 sq yards

240 sq yards

Immerse yourself in a lifestyle where every square yard is thoughtfully designed to enhance your living experience.

Payment Plan:

Discover the allure of our residential plots, offering an enticing 3-year installment plan that makes your dream home more accessible than ever. Similarly, our commercial plots beckon with a well-structured payment plan, extending over a convenient 3-year period.

Secure your plot with a modest initial booking amount of just 100,000 (1 Lac), unlocking the gateway to your future. The remaining balance unfolds gracefully through easy, tailored installments. Immerse yourself in a seamless journey towards property ownership, where financial ease meets the promise of a flourishing future. Unveil the detailed installment plan below and embark on your path to a harmonious living or thriving business space.

Features And Amenities:

Secure Living Environment:

Gated Community with 24-Hour Security

Spiritual Oasis:

Grand Mosque for Residents’ Convenience

Health and Wellness Hub:

Medical Facility On-Site

Recreational Extravaganza:

Mini Golf and Mini Zoo

Exclusive Town Club for Community Gatherings

Culinary Delights and Convenience:

On-Site Restaurant and Market

Education Hub:

Comprehensive School and College Facilities

Active Lifestyle Amenities:

Sports Complex for Fitness Enthusiasts

Entertainment for All Ages:

Thrilling Theme Park Within Reach

Modern Infrastructure:

Underground Electricity for Aesthetics and Safety

Water Filter Plant Ensuring Clean Water Supply

Efficient Transportation:

Wide Bulverde Road and Fast, Secure Tracks for Easy Accessibility

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