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Marwa Hill View Karachi Payment Plan and Location Map

Marwa Hill View Karachi is a housing project allegedly approved by SBCA, developed by AMS Enterprise and AR Builders & Developers. It is considered as one of the most exclusive projects offering high standard living opportunities at affordable prices.

It introduces a concept of new city life intending to create a green environment and community building most transparently.

Why Choose Marwa Hill View Karachi?

  • You may not have the opportunity to make such a profitable investment again.
  • Your home on your land.
  • Opposite VIP Sector 11 of Surjani Town, connected to North Town Phase 3.
  • All government agencies approved it.
  • 100% Legal Project.
  • The cost of 80 yards and 120 yards plots and banglows is much lower than the entire Surjani project.
  • Plot booking from Rs. 1, 00,000/- only in straightforward installments of 3 years.

Who is the builders of Marwa Hill View?

The owners of Marwa Hill View are AMS Enterprise, and AR Builders trusted and well-known developers in Karachi. They have developed and completed various successful projects so far at affordable rates.

They have been working in the industry of real estate for many years. Therefore, most investors prefer to invest with them because of their trustworthiness and reliability.

Marwa Hill View Karachi NOC

There is no objection found on this project as it is approved by Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). Therefore, you can invest in this project without any hesitation and fear because approved projects will continuously be developed rapidly on the given time of intervals.

Marwa Hill View Karachi Location & Map Details

It is located at Surjani Town Sector 11, a growing area near Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeem Road, North Town Villas, and M-10 motorway.

Location Advantages

You can get multiple advantages as most of the routes are easily accessible from Marwa Hill View.

  • Around 10 minutes drive from M-10 motorway.
  • 20 minutes drive from M-9 motorway.
  • 30 minutes drive from Lyari Expressway.
  • 5 minutes drive from Lyari Basti Road.
  • 45 minutes drive from Jinnah International Airport.

Facilities and Amenities

Marwa Hill View Karachi offers all modern facilities and conveniences at affordable prices. These facilities are part of any modern luxury society and can be called a complete residential plan.

The developer has kept a vast area for the development of parks and other green spaces. As a result, Marwa Hill View Surjani is considered the most luxurious society with all up-to-date facilities.

The owner’s focus is to provide a healthy lifestyle environment; for this, the Central Theme Park has opened up a large area of land where children and the elderly can enjoy leisure time carefreely. The facilities of Marwa Hill View Karachi residential area are as follows:

  • Boundary Wall Project
  • Grand Mosque
  • Electricity
  • Gas & Water Supply
  • Community Center
  • Health Facilities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Wide Road Infrastructure
  • Sports Complex

Payment Plan

Marwa Hill View Karachi offers 80 & 120 square yards of residential plots with easy installments.

The 80 square yards plots start from

  • Booking: Rs. 100,000/-
  • Monthly: Rs. 28,000/-

However the 120 square yards plots start from

  • Booking: Rs. 300,000/-
  • Monthly: Rs. 38,000/-

Here is the complete payment schedule for 80 & 120 yard plots.

Mode of Payment80 sq. Yds120 sq. Yds
On BookingRs. 100,000/-Rs. 300,000/-
On ConfirmationRs. 300,000/-Rs. 450,000/-
On AllocationRs. 300,000/-Rs. 450,000/-
36 Monthly Installments28,000 x 36 = Rs. 10,08,000/-38,000 x36 = Rs. 13,68,000/-
06 Half Yearly Installments125,000 x 06 = Rs. 750,000/-175,000 x 06 = Rs. 10,50,000/-
Before PossessionRs. 342,000/-Rs. 582,000/-
TotalRs. 2,800,000/-Rs. 4,200,000/-

Master Plan

Highly qualified experts carefully design the master plan of Marwa Hill View Karachi. The association covers an area of 1,600 acres and has planned a cutting area including 400 acres.

In addition, the project will complete within two years while providing a unique lifestyle. The developer has added all the luxurious facilities in the society for the sake of residents.

Download Master Plan

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