SBCA Approved Projects List

List of SBCA Approved Housing Projects With NOC Number | 2022 – 2023

Nowadays, people prefer to live in a boundary wall housing project. But it is necessary to check out the SBCA approval before making any kind of investment.

There will be a possibility of losing your money if you don’t check the NOCs issued by SBCA. Therefore, always check the SBCA approval before purchasing any housing project.

If you aim to invest in SBCA approved societies, the future for your children will be secure.

Updated List of SBCA Approved Projects

Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) issued a list of legal and verified housing societies. People can buy these housing societies without fraud or scams, as the relevant government departments have confirmed.

SBCA also recommends a buyer obtain a Forwarding Letter (Letter of Redelivery) to ensure transparency of transactions. A document issued by the housing cooperative shows that the land in question belongs to the seller.

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In addition, the buyer should visit the master planning group office to review the social plan; the last step is to obtain the building permit from the SBCA.

Here is the list of safe, secure, and SBCA approved housing societies, issued in 2020, 2021, & 2022 – 2023

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SBCA Approved Projects 2022 List

#Project NameName of BuilderNOC No.
1.Icon Mall & ResidencyM/S. Town City Builders & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/34/Adv-47/2022
2.City ComfortsM/S. Estate 1. Com Builders & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/161/Adv-48/2022
3.Sumaira I-ConM/S. Al-Shafquat AssociatesSBCA/DD(D-II)/46/ADV-49/2022
4.Saeeda ResidencyM/S. Saeeda Builders & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/43/Adv-51/2022
5.Jilani Shopping Centre & ResidenceM/S. Jilani PropertiesSBCA/DD(PS&C)/53/Adv-52/2022
6.Ud Court YardM/S. UD Constructions Solution (Pvt) LtdSBCA/DD(PS&C)/05-Prop-20201116-21/Adv-37/2022
7.Sam ImperialM/S. SAM Builders & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/48/Adv-57/2022
8.360 IconM/S. Concrete Builders & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/56/Adv-60/2022
9.Burj SultanM/S. Lilly BuildersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/73/Adv-76/2022
10.Superior View (Com-02 Block-02)M/S. Global Solution Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/73/Adv-76/2022
11.Karimi Glass TowerM/S. Karimi Solution Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/60/Adv-89/2022
12.Ps ViewM/S. Faisal Premier AssociatesSBCA/DD(PS&C)/37/Adv-34/2022
13.Ps HeavenM/S. Faisal Premier AssociatesSBCA/DD(PS&C)/39/Adv-35/2022
14.Bloom GardensM/S. Sherwani Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/88/Adv-91/2022
15.A & Z TowerM/S. Riffat Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/80/Adv-95/2022
16.Kubra ResidencyM/S. City Scape Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/81/Adv-97/2022
17.Naya Nazimabad Com-33M/S. Javedan Corporation Pvt. LtdSBCA/DD(PS&C)/58/Adv-98/2022
18.Naya Nazimabad Com-35M/S. Javedan Corporation Pvt. LtdSBCA/DD(PS&C)/59/Adv-99/2022
19.Naya Nazimabad Com-37M/S. Javedan Corporation Pvt. LtdSBCA/DD(PS&C)/60/Adv-101/2022
20.Inshal HeightsM/S. Talia Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/100/Adv-107/2022
21.Naya Nazimabad Com-109M/S. Javedan Corporation Pvt. LtdSBCA/DD(PS&C)/71/Adv-113/2022
22.Imperial Residency HyderiM/S. Muhibullah Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/95/Adv-114/2022
23.Dany Craft TowerM/S. Victoria PropertiesSBCA/DD(PS&C)/96/Adv-115/2022
24.Aa EnclaveM/S. AAR Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/79/Adv-116/2022
25.Zulekha ResidencyM/S. H.J. Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/94/Adv-117/2022
26.Sumaya Shafi HeightsM/S. MMM AssociatesSBCA/DD(PS&C)/92/Adv-119/2022
27.Star MansionM/S. Hunani Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/111/Adv-120/2022
28.Pearl Sky LineM/S. Nashar Associates Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/105/Adv-122/2022
29.Aziz Broadway ResidencyM/S. Fariha Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/112/Adv-123/2022
30.Doha Mall & ResidencyM/S. Rupali BuildersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/877/Adv-124/2022
31.Zulekha ViewM/S. H.J. Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/118/Adv-127/2022
32.Zulekha PrideM/S. H.J. Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/119/Adv-128/2022
33.Al-Zohra Villas & CottagesM/S. AssociatesSBCA/DD(PS&C)/116/Adv-129/2022
34.Sohni SaibanM/S. Total Project SolutionSBCA/DD(PSA&C)/137/Revised Adv-32/2022
35.Ps Northern ViewM/S. Saudagar CorporationSBCA/DD(PS&C)/45/Adv-41/2022
36.Ps DynastyM/S. Saudagar CorporationSBCA/DD(PS&C)/38/Adv-42/2022
37.Premier OneM/S. Premier PropertySBCA/DD(PS&C)/40/Adv-43/2022
38.Premier Bridge ViewM/S. Premier PropertySBCA/DD(PS&C)/41/Adv-44/2022
39.The Court Heights-IM/S. Cascade Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/90/Adv-87/2022
40.The Court Heights-IIM/S. Cascade Builder & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/91/Adv-88/2022
41.7th Avenue Phase-IM/S. Chayell EnterprisesSBCA/DD(D-II)/Prop/20200515-1/Adv-10/2021
42.Saya ResidencyM/S. Amraj Builders & DevelopersSBCA/DD(PS&C)/Proop-20200131/1/Adv-12/2021
43.Quanita Residencia-IM/S. Quanita builders Pvt. LtdSBCA/DD(PS&C)/04-Prop-20210409-1/Adv-25/2021
44.Quanita ResidenciaM/S. Quanita builders Pvt. LtdSBCA/DD(PS&C)/03-Prop-20200612-2/Adv-26/2021
45.Mehran IconM/S. Mehran EnterprisesSBCA/DD(PS&C)/37/Adv-15/2021
46.King’s Regency TowerM/S. King’s EnterprisesSBCA/DD(PS&C)/2512/Adv-05/2021
47.Tribeca SquareM/S. Core ConstructionSBCA/DD(PS&C)/25/Adv-67/2021
SBCA Approved Projects 2022

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SBCA Approved Projects 2021 List

Here is the SBCA approved projects list of 2021.

SBCA Approved Projects 2020 List

Here is the SBCA approved projects list of 2020.

List of Registered Cooperative Housing Societies in Karachi

#SBCA approved housing societies
1.All Pakistan Newspaper Employees CHS, Scheme 33
2.Ancholi CHS
3.Aligarh Muslim University CHS
4.All Memon Welfare CHS
5.Al-Ashraf CHS
6.Abuzar Ghaffari CHS
7.Ali Town CHS
8.Bilal Housing Enterprises
9.Business & Professional Executive CHS
10.Callachi CHS
11.Cornish CHS
12.Central Information CHS
13.Diamond City CHS, Scheme 33
14.Dar-ul-Salam CHS
15.Dehli Riyan CHS
16. Govt Teachers CHS
17.Gulshan-e-Millat Cooperative Housing Society
18.Gulistan-e-Malir CHSGawaliyar CHS
19.Gulistan CHS
20.Gulshan-e-Malir CHS
21.Gulshan-e-Malir CHS
22.Gulshan-e-Akbar CHS
23.Govt Teachers CHS
24.Gulshan-e-Iqbal CHS, Scheme 24
25.Gulshan-e-Maymar CHS
26.Hussain D Silva CHS, Scheme-4 Surjani Town
27.Haroon Bahria PN CHS
28.Hansa CHS
29.Halari Memon CHS
30.Hadiabad CHS, KDA Scheme-33
31.Hashimabad CHS
32.KCHS Union CHS, Blocks 3,7 & 8
33.Karim Bhai CHS
34.KMC United Workers CHS, Scheme 33
35.KDA Scheme No 36 CHS
36.Khorasan CHS
37.Karachi Bar CHS, Scheme 33
38.Korangi Township Sector 32-B CHS
39.Karachi University Employees CHS
40.Karachi Rajput CHS, Scheme 33
41.Korangi Township Sector 32-B CHS
42.Layout plan of Survey Nos 289, 290, 291, 293, 322 to 330, 474, 475 of Deh Mahl
43.Layout plan of Survey Nos 292, 296, 297, 385, 387, 490 of Deh Mahl
44.Layout plan of Survey No 217B, 217C, 217D Deh Tapo Malir
45.Layout plan of Survey Nos 546 & 547 Deh Joreji in Bin Qasim Town
46.Layout plan of Survey Nos 485, 486 to 498 & 499 of Deh Joreji
47.Layout plan of Survey No 631 Deh Joreji in Bin Qasim Town
48.Lucknow CHS
49.Meerat CHS
50.Malik CHS
51.Madras CHS
52.Mashriqui CHS
53.Merchant Navy Officers CHS
54.Mansoora KDA Scheme 16 (F B Area)
55.Makhdoom Bilawal CHS
56.Muslim Cutchi Khatri CHS
57.North Nazimabad CHS, Scheme 2
58.Naya Nazimabad
59.New Lyari CHS, Scheme 33
60.Nipa CHS
61.North Karachi Township
62.North Town CHS
63.Oak Residency CHS
64.Patel Industry Park CHS, Scheme 45
65.P&T CHS
66.Pillibhit CHS
67.Punjabi Sauadagar Multipurpose CHS
68.Pir Elahi Bux Colony
69.Pakistan Atomic Energy CHS
70.Qureshi CHS
71.ROK Cooperative Housing Society
72.Shahnawaz CHS
73.Sonex Housing CHS
74.Sadaf CHS
75.Shamsi CHS
76.Soomra CHS
77.State Bank of Pakistan CHS, Scheme 33
78.Suparco Employees CHS
79.Shah Latif Town CHS, Scheme 25 A
80.Sonex Housing CHS (Phase-2)
81.Works CHS
Source: SBCA

Final Words

This is a list of approved projects issued by SBCA. Hopefully, it will help you to make a consequential decision before investing in any housing project.

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