Lahore Garden Housing Society

Lahore Garden – Payment Schedule – Owner & Developers And Location & Map:


Lahore Garden Housing Scheme stands as an epitome of luxury and comfort in Lahore, offering an array of amenities essential for a serene and convenient lifestyle.

Boasting essential utilities like water, electricity, and gas, this housing society takes pride in its vibrant ambiance, featuring expansive play areas, lush community parks, and a majestic Jamia Masjid capable of accommodating up to 500 devotees. With meticulously landscaped greenbelts and verdant parks, residents revel in a harmonious blend of nature’s beauty and modern conveniences at their fingertips.

Developers & Builders:

AURA Developers and Builders spearhead an innovative project, showcasing their illustrious track record of timely project deliveries.

With a wealth of experience in numerous successful ventures, they bring their signature expertise to this latest endeavor, ensuring a seamless and punctual execution.


This property holds LDA (Lahore Development Authority) approval, although intriguingly, the website’s roster of both legal and illegal properties doesn’t include any mention of LDA. Despite this absence, the official approval stands, adding a curious twist to its status.

Location & Map:

Nestled near the Faizpur Islamabad Motorway Interchange along Sharaqpur Road, this vibrant location in Shahdara offers seamless accessibility from every corner of the city.

Its strategic positioning ensures convenience and easy access, making it a hub that effortlessly connects to the pulse of the urban landscape.

Master Plan Of Lahore Garden Housing Scheme:

Block C of Lahore Gardens is the latest jewel in the crown, following the triumphant development of its predecessors.

Here, an array of plot sizes awaits, ranging from the cozy 3 Marla to the spacious 8 Marla plots. The groundwork for this phase is already underway, promising swift completion, and igniting anticipation for a vibrant new community on the horizon.

Installment Plan:

Discover your dream home at Lahore Garden, where an array of residential plots beckon with the promise of comfort and luxury. Offering plots ranging from

4 to 8 Marla

in the esteemed F, G, CC, and BB Blocks, Lahore Garden presents an opportunity for you to secure your future on convenient 1-year installment plans. Delight in the ease of owning your piece of paradise with prices starting from

PKR 13 Lakh for a 4 Marla plot, escalating gradually to PKR 26 Lakh for an 8 Marla plot.

Embrace this chance to create the perfect haven for yourself amidst a thriving community.

Features And Facilities:

Comprehensive Security Measures

24/7 security system

Gated Community

CCTV surveillance for enhanced security

Community Features and Amenities

Grand Jamia Masjid

Lush greenery enhances the environment

Underground electricity system ensuring safety and reliability

Modern Healthcare Facilities

Access to modern healthcare services

Quality healthcare facilities for residents

Education Excellence

Quality education system

Focus on providing top-notch education to residents

Infrastructure Advancements

Wide road infrastructures for convenience

Ensuring modern and efficient infrastructure for residents

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Who is the owner of Lahore Garden?

Answer: Muzamil Mustafa serves as the CEO of the Lahore Garden Housing Scheme.

Question 2: Which company developed Lahore Garden?

Answer: Lahore Garden was developed by AURA Developers and Builders.

Question 3: Has Lahore Garden received approval?

Answer: Yes, Lahore Garden has been approved by the LDA (Lahore Development Authority).

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