King Grand Apartments Karachi

Kings Grand Apartments Karachi – Location & Map – Payment Schedule And Facilities And Amenities: 


Kings Grand Apartments is a luxurious residential complex strategically nestled within Karachi’s vibrant landscape. Our brand-new establishment boasts an unparalleled location in the heart of Scheme 33, Karachi, promising a radiant lifestyle experience.

Designed to elevate modern living, this glittering complex offers more than just a home; it presents a coveted opportunity for apartment seekers and visionary brands seeking to carve their mark in a dynamic community. Discover a new realm of possibilities and embrace the allure of Kings Grand Apartments as you embark on your journey toward your dream lifestyle in Karachi.

Location And Map:

Discover the opulent abode of Kings Grand, strategically nestled adjacent to ASF Tower & Al-Azhar Garden, Capital Society, and neighboring ASF Towers in the heart of Scheme 33, Karachi.

Immerse yourself in luxurious living amidst this prime location, offering convenience and elegance to elevate your lifestyle. Explore the epitome of modernity and comfort, as Kings Grand presents an exclusive opportunity for those seeking premium apartments in Karachi’s vibrant landscape.

Owners And Developers:

Discover the epitome of luxury living at King’s Grand Apartments Karachi, proudly presented by King’s Group, a revered name in real estate development spanning over four decades. Catering to the rising demand for quality housing, this project is strategically designed to meet the needs of Karachi’s vibrant community.

With a focus on the middle-class demographic, King’s Group ensures its hallmark standards of excellence, offering a seamless blend of comfort, style, and modern living. Discover your dream home in this meticulously crafted complex that reflects the essence of quality living.

Payment Schedule Of King Grand Karachi:

Discover the epitome of modern living at Kings Grand Apartments, an unparalleled residential complex in Karachi that boasts a unique 150 feet of open space between its buildings—a first in the city.

Our meticulously designed layouts, complemented by innovative plans, create a seamless fusion of convenience and luxury living. With an inviting array of amenities and an exquisite façade, Kings Grand promises to redefine the benchmark for sophisticated urban living in Karachi’s Scheme 33 area.

Our range of apartment sizes caters to diverse preferences and needs:

3-Bedroom with Lounge (1200 sq. ft.)

3-Bedroom with Drawing & Dining (1500 sq. ft.)

4-Bedroom with Drawing & Dining (2000 sq. ft.)

Luxurious 5-Bedroom with Drawing, Dining & Maid Quarters (2650 sq. ft.)

Join us at Kings Grand and be part of this burgeoning success story in Karachi’s real estate landscape. Explore the finest in contemporary living and secure your dream lifestyle today!

Luxurious Facilities and Amenities at Kings Grand Apartments Karachi

Uninterrupted Power Supply:

Enjoy round-the-clock electricity for uninterrupted convenience.

Exclusive Creek Vista Style Project:

Experience opulence akin to Creek Vista in Karachi.

State-of-the-Art Branded Gym:

Access a high-end gym facility featuring top-notch equipment.

Secure Boundary Wall:

A complete boundary wall ensures privacy and security.

Spacious Parks: Explore vast 200 and 400-foot parks for leisure and recreation.

Lifetime Maintenance by Builder:

Benefit from lifetime maintenance services provided by the builders.

Provision of a Mosque:

Convenient access to a mosque within the premises.

Comfortable Middle-Class Living:

Offering comfortable living spaces suitable for the middle class.

Open Green Spaces:

Enjoy the open space between apartments for a serene atmosphere.

Advanced R.O. Plant:

Access to clean drinking water through an advanced R.O. plant.

Inviting Swimming Pool:

Dive into the inviting swimming pool for relaxation and exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Who is behind the development of Kings Garden Apartment?

Answer: King’s Garden Apartment is meticulously crafted by the esteemed King’s Group.

Question 2: What is the location of Kings Grand Apartments?

Answer: Kings Grand Apartments are situated adjacent to ASF Tower & Al-Azhar Garden, in Capital Society, next to ASF Towers within Scheme 33 Karachi.

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