DHA Bahawalpur – Important Announcement on Latest Frauds

The DHA administration has informed that some persons are collecting rent on DHA Bahawalpur files from their original owners.

Therefore, DHA Bahawalpur doesn’t allow any such dealings with any person or institution in any way.

Clear instructions in this regard are not only given at the reception of DHA Bahawalpur, but a copy is also provided to each file holder at the time of file release.

The DHA Administration considers it its duty in the public interest to inform the members who are file holders of DHA Bahawalpur to refrain from any such transaction.

In this regard, DHA Bahawalpur will not be liable for any fraud or loss.

At the same time, at no point will the purpose of such a transaction be considered.

Under the NAB Ordinance 1999, such transaction, i.e., purchase/sale of plot/file/allotment letter, is not authorized.

Last Updated on October 22, 2021 by admin