Al-Jalil Garden Lahore

Al Jalil Garden Lahore – Master Plan – Location – Payment Schedule:


Al Jalil Garden Lahore stands as a prime housing society, strategically positioned on the bustling Lahore-Sharaqpur Road, in close proximity to the M-2 Motorway. Developed by the esteemed Al Jalil Developers, this meticulously planned community bears the hallmark of a highly skilled team of experts, dedicated to transforming it into a top-tier residential haven with promising prospects.

This society not only excels as a place to live but also shines as a lucrative investment opportunity in Lahore, boasting exceptional Return On Investment (ROI). From its inception, Al Jalil Garden aimed to offer affordable housing in the heart of Lahore, and the developers remain committed to delivering a housing community that blends luxury with affordability, promising an unparalleled living experience.

Al Jalil Garden Lahore Owners And Developers:

Al Jalil Garden Lahore, founded by the visionary Nasrullah Khan in 2002, stands as a testament to their commitment to creating contemporary, opulent, and budget-friendly housing ventures. This esteemed development firm boasts a formidable array of talents, including expertise in project management, cutting-edge marketing and promotions, construction and development prowess, architectural and urban planning finesse, construction planning and management proficiency, and top-tier infrastructure development and roadwork capabilities. Their holistic approach to property development ensures that Al Jalil Garden Lahore remains a benchmark for excellence in the real estate industry.

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Location & Map Of Al Jalil Garden Lahore:

Discover Al Jalil Garden, a prime residential community in Lahore, Punjab. Conveniently situated on Sharaqpur Road near the Faizpur Interchange, this location offers excellent accessibility. You can easily reach Al Jalil Garden from the M2 Motorway, Thokar Niaz Baig, and Multan Roads. The development is strategically positioned along the Lahore-Jaranwala Road and in close proximity to the Faizpur Exit Toll Plaza. A mere 3-minute drive connects you to the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, while the M-3 Lahore-Multan Motorway is just a 5-minute drive away. Commuting is a breeze with a 10-minute drive to the Sagian Wala Bypass Road, a 12-minute drive to the Lahore-Sargodha Road, and an 18-minute drive to the N-5 National Highway. Moreover, Al Jalil Garden is just 20 minutes away from the Lahore Ring Road. Embrace a lifestyle of ease and accessibility at Al Jalil Garden.

Master Plan Of Al Jalil Garden Lahore:

The Al Jalil Garden Lahore housing scheme boasts a master plan that stands out as the ultimate choice, thanks to its exceptional amenities. Crafted by a team of highly qualified experts with extensive experience in planning and development, this master plan encompasses top-notch 21st-century facilities and amenities, ensuring the highest quality for its residents. Discover the epitome of modern living in Al Jalil Garden Lahore, where excellence and comfort come together seamlessly.

Al-Jalil Garden in Lahore is currently presenting a range of residential and commercial plots across multiple blocks.

The blocks in Al Jalil Garden Lahore are as follows:

  • Rose Block
  • Tulip Block
  • Jasmine Block

Al Jalil Garden in Lahore is comprised of multiple blocks, which are as follows:

  • Al Jalil Garden Block A
  • Al Jalil Garden Block B
  • Al Jalil Garden Block C
  • Al Jalil Garden Block D
  • Al Jalil Garden Block E
  • Al Jalil Garden Block F
  • Al Jalil Garden Block G
  • Al Jalil Garden Block H
  • Al Jalil Garden Block I
  • Al Jalil Garden Block J
  • Al Jalil Garden Block K
  • Al Jalil Garden Block L
  • Al Jalil Garden Block M
  • Al Jalil Garden Block N
  • Al Jalil Garden Block O
  • Al Jalil Garden Block P

The available Residential plots within Al Jalil Garden are outlined as follows:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

The available commercial plots within Al Jalil Garden are outlined as follows:

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Payment Plan Of Al Jalil Garden Lahore:

Introducing an exciting opportunity in Lahore’s prestigious Jalil Garden, where we have just unveiled an enticing offer for residential plots ranging from 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 10 Marla, to expansive 1 Kanal plots. These exclusive plots can be found in the coveted L Block, M Block, and N Block of this thriving community. The best part? Owning your dream plot is now easier than ever with our flexible installment plan. Secure your piece of paradise with just a 20% down payment, and the remaining balance can be comfortably spread out over a convenient 3-year period. Our hassle-free payment plan includes 10% due upon balloting, an additional 10% upon possession, followed by 30 monthly installments, and 6 semi-annual payments. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to make your dream home a reality in the heart of Jalil Garden Lahore. Invest today and secure your future!

Here is the detailed payment plan:

5 Marla

  • Total Price=2,800,000
  • Booking 20% =  560,000
  • On Balloting 10% = 280,000
  • On Possession 10% = 280,000
  • 30 Monthly Installments = 28,000
  • After Every 6 Months = 140,000

8 Marla

  • Total Price = 3,800,000 PKR
  • Booking 20% =  760,000 PKR
  • On Balloting 10% = 380,000 PKR
  • On Possession 10% = 380,000 PKR
  • 30 Monthly Installments = 38,000 PKR
  • After Every 6 Months = 190,000 PKR

10 Marla

  • Total Price = 5,000,000 PKR
  • Booking 20% =  1,000,000 PKR
  • On Balloting 10% = 500,000 PKR
  • On Possession 10% = 500,000 PKR
  • 30 Monthly Installments = 50,000 PKR
  • After Every 6 Months = 250,000 PKR

1 Kanal

  • Total Price = 9,000,000 PKR
  • Booking 20% =  1,800,000 PKR
  • On Balloting 10% = 900,000 PKR
  • On Possession 10% = 900,000 PKR
  • 30 Monthly Installments = 90,000 PKR
  • After Every 6 Months = 450,000 PKR

Policies And Public Notice Of Al Jalil Garden Lahore:

Discover the latest updates from Al Jalil Garden Lahore! We’ve published a series of public notices on various dates, and to stay in the know, simply reach out to our dedicated management team. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting news on residential and commercial plot allotments or seeking information about plot possession, our official representatives are here to assist you. Stay connected with Al Jalil Garden for all the essential updates under the governing rules and regulations. Your journey to owning a piece of this thriving community starts with us. Contact us today!

Facilities And Features Of Al Jalil Garden Lahore:

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on your well-being, we’ve designed a place that truly stands out. Explore our world-class features and facilities below:

24/7 Uninterrupted Power Supply: Thanks to our robust power backup system, you can enjoy life without interruptions, which ensures you stay connected and comfortable, no matter the circumstances.

Ensuring your peace of mind is our top priority with round-the-clock security. Our 24-hour security team works tirelessly to create a safe environment for you and your loved ones.

50 Kanal Jamia Masjid: A place of serenity and reflection awaits you at our grand Jamia Masjid. Connect with your faith in a stunning architectural masterpiece.

Al-Jalil Mall: Shop, dine, and unwind at the Al-Jalil Mall, a hub of retail therapy, culinary delights, and entertainment options.

Cineplex – Cinema: Movie nights have never been this convenient. Our Cineplex promises an immersive cinematic experience right at your doorstep.

Gated Community: Enjoy the comfort of a gated community, where your privacy and security are paramount.

Lush Landscaped Parks: Take a leisurely stroll in our lush, meticulously maintained parks. An emerald sanctuary nestled within the urban core.

Efficient LED Street Lighting: Our modern LED streetlights illuminate your way while minimizing environmental impact.

Cutting-Edge Sewerage System: We’ve invested in a top-of-the-line sewerage system, ensuring a clean and hygienic living environment.

Premium Education and Healthcare: Access to quality education and healthcare is never a concern, with premium institutions and healthcare facilities nearby.

Diverse Dining Options: Satisfy your culinary cravings with a variety of restaurants serving delectable dishes to tantalize your taste buds.

Sports Complex: Stay active and fit at our world-class sports complex, equipped with facilities for a wide range of sports and recreational activities.

Thrilling Theme Park: Enjoy thrilling rides and family fun at our theme park. Make cherished memories with those you hold dear.

Underground Electricity: We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure a visually uncluttered environment with our underground electricity infrastructure.

Clean Water Supply: Our water filtration plant guarantees access to clean, safe, and refreshing water, essential for a healthy life.

Well-Planned Commercial Areas: Discover a bustling hub of commerce within our thoughtfully designed commercial areas, perfect for shopping, dining, and business endeavors.

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