AA Enclave Karachi

AA Enclave Karachi – Location & Map – Payment Schedule And Facilities And Amenities:


Indulge in the epitome of luxury at AA Enclave, an awe-inspiring high-rise marvel in the heart of Karachi’s prestigious Callachi Society on Stadium Road.

This architectural gem seamlessly blends opulent comfort with refined sophistication, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and verdant, sprawling green spaces that create an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city.

Step into the meticulously designed apartment units at AA Enclave, where every detail is meticulously curated to enhance the allure of its natural surroundings.

These residences feature expansive terraces that offer panoramic vistas, treating residents to awe-inspiring views of Karachi’s vibrant skyline. AA Enclave stands as a testament to redefining Karachi’s skyline, beckoning those in pursuit of an elevated and luxurious lifestyle to its doors.

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Location And Map Of AA Enclave:

Situated within the vibrant hub of Callachi Society, AA Enclave offers prime accessibility to a plethora of conveniences. Nestled opposite the Naval Society Stadium Road in Karachi, this enclave boasts an enviable location. Embrace the convenience of being within walking distance from the National Stadium Road and proximity to the esteemed Court Heights Apartments.

A mere 2-minute drive connects you to Rashid Minhas Road, while the Naval Housing Scheme is a quick 4-minute drive away. Enjoy seamless access to Sharah-e-Faisal within just 5 minutes, and revel in the excitement of reaching the National Stadium in a short 7-minute drive. Furthermore, the Karsaz Flyover is merely a 9-minute drive from this strategically positioned enclave.

Experience unparalleled convenience and connectivity at AA Enclave, where every destination is within effortless reach.

Payment Schedule:

Explore the epitome of contemporary living at AA Enclave, where every aspect is meticulously designed to harmonize with Karachi’s natural allure.

Our residences effortlessly blend modernity with the splendor of nature, immersing you in the authentic essence of the city. Step into a haven where minimalist interiors complement the lush surroundings, fostering a tranquil ambiance for your utmost comfort.

Discover a realm of sophisticated living where impeccable design elements redefine convenience at every turn.

Our meticulously crafted inventory presents an array of options, including spacious 3-bedroom apartments and luxurious 4-bedroom residences, each embodying the essence of refined elegance. Experience urban living at its finest within the exclusive confines of AA Enclave.

Facilities and Amenities Of AA Enclave Karachi:

1. Continuous Power Backup:

Ensuring 24/7 power backup in common areas.

2. Convenient ATM Access:

ATM facilities are available for residents’ convenience.

3. Building and Energy Management:

Implementation of a sophisticated system for building and energy management.

4. Educational Amenities:

Access to educational facilities within the premises.

5. Fitness Center and Gymnasium:

Fully-equipped gymnasium and health & fitness center on-site.

6. Indoor Entertainment Zone:

Indoor games and recreational activities are provided.

7. Medical Care Facilities:

Access to medical facilities within the vicinity.

8. Play Area and Parking Convenience:

Hassle-free parking and dedicated play areas.

9. Nearby Dining Options:

Restaurants nearby for residents’ convenience.

10. Advanced Security Measures:

Smart security system equipped with CCTV monitoring.

11. Relaxation Amenities:

Access to a steam room for relaxation purposes.

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